It's your special day, and you would like everything to be just perfect... You want to everything to go with your theme, and you want to know how to make chocolate wedding favors to go along. Anyone can go out and buy wedding favors, and you could even find some that go with the rest of your decorations and food...But why not create your own unique wedding favors which will be remembered for a long time to come?

Most craft shops carry molds for chocolate candy, and some can also be located on websites like ebay. Find a mold that fits nicely with the theme for your wedding. Are you having a fall wedding ceremony? Look for a mold shaped just like autumn leaves; a February wedding is the ideal place for a Valentine mold. June weddings might feature roses or other summer flowers. For a beach wedding, consider shells, starfish and seahorses. And the list goes on and on,.with the only limit being your imagination. Make sure that if you want to add writing to create even more personalized chocolate wedding favors that you pick a mold that has bigger surface area. You can even choose a plain mold to make an individual candy bar, and decorate with your names as well as the date of your wedding. Make another chocolate bar that is round or maybe heart shaped.

As soon as you have selected a mold that you want, it is time to purchase the chocolate that you are likely to use. Dark chocolate is a well liked of many candy makers. Godiva can make a delicious dark chocolate which makes into delightful favors and is convenient to use when making edible wedding favors. Etsy chocolate can be used in several ways - try out making "flip flop" suckers with different hues of white chocolate. Hershey is definitely a renowned name in chocolate, and will give you both high quality milk chocolate and dark chocolate to use to create chocolate bar wedding favors.

When you have your chocolate, you could have two options as far as melting the chocolate to put it in the molds. You can either use the preferred technique of preparing it in a double boiler, or, when you don't have access to one, you may slowly melt it on the defrost setting in your microwave oven

When the chocolate reaches the desired consistency, pour it properly into the chosen mold, to make sure to get all of the air bubbles out. Put in the molds into the refrigerator to chill and set. The moment the candy has cooled properly (make sure you don't rush the procedure and remove them too early), remove them from the molds and then place on waxed paper while preparing them to place in storage containers. Place each piece in a single wrapper, either a purchased bag or cellophane package in a matching colour for your theme. Tie shut with a ribbon, in case you like, add a bright ribbon or perhaps flower to the outside.

It is also possible to use the melted chocolate without a mold, as a dip for a lot of things. Oreo cookies dipped in white chocolate and then decorated with a candy flower create a mini wedding cake favor that will delight everyone, and taste excellent too.

For an added special treat, why not try a wedding party chocolate dipped apple? Pick a large, ripe apple, and thus dip first in a soft, melted caramel. Then dip the apple into melted white-colored chocolate until it is well coated. If one dipping doesn't cover as well as you would like, dip in once again when cooled.

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