Why Choose Photo Watermark Software?

The only reason we choose photo watermark software is to protect our photo copyright. “Photo Copyright” is “the right to your photo copy.” This right is a legal construct, designed for you — the artist — to support your artistic endeavors. Without copyright, people would be free to use your artistic work such as your photo without payments and there would be little financial compensation for the effort of creating great photos. With copyright, you have legal protection. If someone wants to use (copy) your photos, they have to get your permission. You can negotiate a “license” to copy, and perhaps even get paid in real money. While there are lots of ways to protect your photo copyright, photo watermark software is probably the most effective. A right photo watermark software could help you protect your photo copyright very well.

How to Choose Proper Photo Watermark Software?

Choose proper photo watermark software is very important, some important points here:

1. The photo watermark software must protect your photo copyright
Should work well on protecting images. Can add text watermark and image watermark to your photos or digital images, will prevent from removing watermark and stealing the photos, satisfy your basic requirements.


2. The photo watermark software must support different photo formats
Should support most of popular photo formats. There indeed a lots of photo formats here, this is very important.


3. Fast speed and Good quality
The photo watermark software should not spend a lot of time on the process. No one like waiting long time for anything, so batch watermarking mode is necessary.


4. The photo watermark software must have Powerful functions
Add text watermark, image watermark, design and make the watermark, these are the basic functions. A great watermarking software must have some additional and useful functions like photo frame, photo resize, crop, etc.


5. Easy-to-use and Pretty Interface
Beautiful, friendly and easy-to-use interface could bring a nice process. And, it also can save a lot of time for learn.


6. Cheap Price
Good stuff is not cheap, but, nothing is impossible.

Watermark Software is 100% proper photo watermark software for home user, it can add text watermark and image watermark to your photos or digital images, will prevent from removing watermark and stealing the photos. Support most of popular photo formats, supports batch watermark at one time and enable users design by themselves. Offers fast speed, good quality, friendly and easy-to-use interface. It is only $24.90 for home user.