UK - As the basically knowledge is very crucial for people to choose their fitting Prescription Sunglasses, today, the editor from which is the professional online store for Eyeglasses and sunglasses will introduce with people these basically factors.

Normally, there are 8 to 40 percent of the light can penetrate the sunglasses. However, most of people prefer to choose to the Prescription sunglasses with 15 to 25 percent of light penetration rate. In majority of outdoors environments, most of sunglasses are within this range but the transmittance rate of sunglasses from different manufacturers could be fully varied. People should make this factor clear before their purchasing.

Although the color changing sunglasses should be very good for daily using, it could not be suitable for applying to sports glare environments, such as boating or skiing. This is because the sunglasses shading and color depth cannot be used as a measure of UV protection standards.

Different sunglasses should have different levels of color and shading ability. The sunglasses with mild to moderate degrees of shading would be suitable for everyday wearing. On the other hand, the sunglasses with the strong shading effect are the best choice for people who will attend into the outdoor sports in bright and light conditions.

Prescription sunglasses can be tailored according to each consumer¡¯s own needs. Except for the adding of ultraviolet absorbing substances, the lenses of these buy eyeglasses online can also be added in the production process dyestuff. In addition to the coloring material, manufacturers also developed the filtered light chemical substances that can absorb certain parts of the spectrum.

Unfamiliar tinted lenses have different light filtering effect. Most of these tinted lenses can block 70 to 90 percent of the light. However, small part of tinted lenses could only filter certain wavelengths of visible light while light of other wavelengths could not be filtered. Therefore, different color or dying may change or deepen the color. Some colors, such as pink, blue or purple could be only used for decoration and the lens with these color have very bad filtering effect of light. That is to say people should not purchase the good lighting filtering sunglasses based on whether they have deep color or not.

If people really want to purchase Prescription sunglasses which are very suitable for them, they need to ask fully advice and suggestion for their doctor or they could also visit website where they could find the professional customer service who will help them solve all of their questions.

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