There are many reasons that have convinced people to become members of an Oregon credit union, instead of banks in Portland Oregon. Each person is looking for the best services when it comes to financial institutions and expects low fees and convenient interest rates. However, when it comes to listing the positive aspects about credit unions, it is easy understanding why they have become so popular and even why they are expanding so fast.


Unlike banks in Portland Oregon, where you are simply a customer, at an Oregon credit union, you are a member, a stakeholder. Banks seek profit and they want to satisfy the stakeholders, in every way possible, no matter how much customers have to suffer. On the other hand, the profit gained by a credit union is passed on to members in the form of low rates or low fees. This is always appreciated and members are satisfied that they can benefit from the evolution of the credit union and if the institution is doing well. At least they know when this happens.


Some people believe that an Oregon credit union doesn't have ATMs in many locations and branches are limited, but it is certainly not the case. Some of them are part of larger networks and you can easily find a branch from where you can access your account. Due to this reason, it is worth reconsidering your application to banks in Portland Oregon and find out the best solution that works for your interest. Credit unions provide credit cards, just like banks, but where they differ is at fees applied, which are considerably lower, meaning you can end up saving money when you make any operation.


Regarding financial services, you can expect the same from the Oregon credit union, meaning you can open a savings account and make deposits, you can get a credit card, obtain loans of all kind, personal, auto and even mortgage. These are provided with lower rates, so you can have peace of mind and assurance that you are taking advantage of great services and the credit union is not trying to rip you off. At one point, everyone requires financial services and people think that only banks in Portland Oregon can provide them, but it is not the case.


For your best interest, it is recommended looking around and finding an institution that puts your needs first and which helps you evolve and offers what you need at that time. You should have the certainty that your money is in good hands or that you are eligible for a loan, no matter if you are planning on getting a new car, a house or you require a business or personal loan. There are alternatives to banks and it is important spreading the word, because conditions are not so strict with credit unions anymore and people can easily become eligible as members.


Are you looking for an alternative to banks in Portland Oregon? This Oregon credit union can provide worthy services and you can easily learn what it takes to become a member.