Are you a bi-coastal bride stressing over the destination of your wedding? Many women have struggled with this same question over wedding venues Los Angeles or NYC. When you have family on opposite coasts, there is a strong argument to have a reception at either one of these cities. However, at the end of the day it is a decision you and your fiance must make. Luckily, wedding venues NYC and wedding planning apps can help make it easier.


The biggest decision to decide when choosing a city is whether or not you want to have two wedding receptions. If your budget can handle multiple receptions, then you can satisfy both sides of the family and limit too many phone calls from your Great Aunt Sue from California who can’t fly out to your wedding venues NYC. However, this means extra planning and organization for you, as you will be dealing with double the amount of vendors and meetings needed to pull of the events. Using phone apps like iWed planner can help you keep all the information in one place, so that at least one aspect of the double wedding is easy!


Alternatively, if two receptions are not a realistic option for you, perhaps you should pick the locale that holds the most of your family. If you were born and raised on the West Coast, perhaps it would make more sense to hold the wedding venues Los Angeles where more of your family can attend. Although, if you would prefer a small wedding, choosing the wedding venue in NYC might help you achieve that goal instead!


Another option is to choose a city in a completely different area of the country; that way no family gets offended as everyone would have to travel to witness your marriage. In addition, friends might be more willing to pay for an expensive flight if it means they get to visit a new and exciting place. Let your imagination run wild - even though it may sound like a huge burden to research three different wedding cities, with an iPhone planning app you can make endless number of searches without ever having to leave your office! These new mobile apps have revolutionized the wedding planning scene and given brides so much relief over the burden of planning such an involved event.


So what’s the harm in trying? Download an app like the iWed planner and see for yourself. Being able to keep all your wedding resources in one spot is a major stress relief, as well as a fun way to spend your free time. You won’t regret it!


When you have a bi-coastal wedding, deciding between wedding venues NYC or wedding venues Los Angeles can be nearly impossible. However, using a mobile app like iWed can help take off the pressure - and maybe even find a completely new city to enjoy! Download an app today to find out more!