If you’re a foreign national looking to live and work in Australia by getting a 457 Visa, a Spouse Visa or any other type of Australian Visa, you need to contract the services of a reliable and skilled Immigration lawyer or Migration agent to help you start your new life sooner rather than later. You could attempt to undertake the subtleties of the immigration process on your own, but odds are you’d lose time, money, and perhaps even the desire to continue with the immigration process. Keep reading to find out more about the 457 Visa, the Spouse Visa and about how to go about finding a trustworthy Migration agent or Immigration lawyer to represent your interests.


The 457 Visa is one of the most popular subclasses of business Visas or business skills Visas. It must be said that, when it comes to skilled worker Visas, Australia has one of the most progressive application procedures and processes of all advanced societies. The Skilled Migration Program is meant to cover, among others, people who have skills, training or particular occupations which are needed by the Australian society. The 457 Visa is not your only option for applying for business or skilled worker Visas, so you need to take the time to speak with a specialized Immigration lawyer or Migration agent and figure out which visa subclass would work best for your situation.


You’ll also need to speak with a skilled Migration agent or Immigration lawyer if you’re an Australian citizen looking to begin a partner migration action for your de facto partner or spouse. Again, you could take the chance of coordinating your own application for the Spouse Visa, but you’re safer and better off hiring a reliable Migration Agent to represent your interests, and talk you through the whole process. If you have small children or if you’re expecting, you can’t afford to delay the proceedings more than absolutely necessary, and working with an experienced Migration Agent will speed things up.


Your first consultation with the Migration Agent of your choice will let you know if you’re eligible to apply for a Spouse Visa, or if you’re better off applying under a different subclass. In order to qualify for a Spouse Visa, the de facto partner or spouse in question must receive support from the other partner or spouse for the first two years. But, as all family situations are different from one another, you might find yourself in the situation of having to separate or get a divorce before you get your permanent citizenship. This is another case where you would need to consult with an experienced Migration Agent or Immigration lawyer.


When making your final decision as to which Migration Agent or Immigration Lawyer to hire to handle your case, try to take in as many factors as possible. These factors may include face-to-face appointments, if you’ve had any, reference checks and professional reputation.



Find out how to choose between Sydney’s top Immigration lawyers if you need to get a spouse Visa or a 457 Visa so you can find a Migration or Immigration Agent you’ll feel comfortable working with.