One of the first things people wonder about Chris Allen is when does he sleep. He is a successful realtor, author, and philanthropist.

“I get asked that quite a bit, and I chalk it up to my time in the military, I was told that food and sleep are for the weak” jokes Allen, “but all I do is of genuine interest to me so it doesn’t seem like ‘work’ in the traditional sense.”

Allen is referring to one of his latest philanthropic activities. Recently, the Scarborough-Guildwood Riding Association sponsored a charity event to raise funds for the Scarborough Hospital.
The charity event featured a cricket tournament between the TPCL All Stars and the Toronto Police Cricket Club.

As a professional cricket league, the TPCL (Toronto Premier Cricket League) works to bring cricket across Toronto and the GTA, while teaching competition, sportsmanship and community participation.

“As a part of my many organizations and philanthropies, I am a firm believer in giving back to the community and sportsmanship through good competition. The more people we can bring together for a common goal the better I feel Toronto and Canada can be,” said Allen.

The Toronto Police Cricket Club pulled out the win, but not without a slight advantage.

“It was 102-6 in the overs allotment,” said Allen, “basically for those who do not understand cricket, it is almost like limiting the total strikes it will take to make an out in baseball. The Toronto Police Cricket Club did pull out the win, however. The sport is new to me but I’ve learned a lot today!”

The big winner, however, was the hospital. Chris and all the sponsors of this charity event raised $3,100.00 for the Scarborough Hospital.

A large festive celebration was held in Toronto’s Tamil community after the match.

“It was all for a great cause. Everyone who participated had a great time. We are talking about doing it again in the future,” said Allen.

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