British Columbia, Canada, March 28, 2014: Recorded at three different studios using a variety of recording tools, “Chris Andres” contains a wide scope of styles and lyrical content. Showing passion and honesty as the main objective behind his music, Andres’ career evolved from humble beginnings in venues that are ‘modest’ to say the least. His rockabilly sound comes from a number of influences including Elvis, Bruce Springsteen, Social Distortion, and Johnny Cash, among many others.

What makes the music of Chris Andres a unique experience is its ability to blend genres without losing its sense of humility. Driven by content that almost any listener will find relatable, each story is a reflection of his personal experiences in the underbelly of the music industry. If there is one thing that the music of Chris Andres represents, it’s reality. The career of Andres is one that was unequivocally earned, rather than provided.

Available at SMT records and his official site (, the self-titled release is one that Andres believes listeners will immediately be drawn to. A project that took years to produce, “Chris Andres” shines with emotional truth and unapologetic realism. Dedicated to making 2014 his breakout year, Andres plans on organizing a US tour and boosting his presence on the social media scene.

Released on March 7, 2014, the album is the perfect illustration of the lyrical content and style that makes Andres’ music truly unique. For a taste of the new album and previous live performances, visit the Chris Andres YouTube site at, the SMT record label site at or his official site using the link above.

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