Time Management expert Chris Ervin has just released a new book called the Work Stress Management System through his website, http://www.workstressmanagementsystem.com .

Are you feeling overwhelmed with work and stressed out over having too many things to do? If so, this book will help show you how to quiet your mind and help you to feel back in control of your life again.

Nothing leads to more stress in people’s lives than work, and that stress can be very harmful to your health. But having a system in place to deal with all the tasks and projects you have to complete can greatly reduce your feelings of overwhelm.

The Work Stress Management System is available as a PDF download so you can instantly access it after purchase.

This book is for people who need a better way to manage their stress levels and increase their productivity, but in a more relaxed manner.

The system is composed of 5 parts: quieting the mind, guarding the mind against stress, relaxed productivity, time compression skills, and clean desk magic.

Chris says his favorite part of the book is the section on Clean Desk Magic. Here he thinks people will be initially skeptical of his claims, but once they put into practice what he teaches he feels they will see a huge improvement in their life.

To learn more about the Work Stress Management System go Ervin’s website, which also chronicles his journey to learn more about effective time management and it also serves as a valuable tool for others who feel overwhelmed and unproductive. Over time Ervin has been able to develop a time management program that helped him gain more time during the day and become more productive. Now he is sharing his success with others through his products and website.

So if you need more time, and want to learn more about Chris Ervin and his new book, then visit his website at http://www.workstressmanagementsystem.com . Visitors to the site can contact Chris via the form on the site’s “Contact Us” page.