For those special classes that want to get out of the school house and get a bit more out of their education in music, school trips to Helsinki provide all that a music student could hope to experience. The proliferation of churches, with their excellent acoustics, works in their favour when listening to and studying the music that is so classically renowned here. Plus, trips to Helsinki are often wrapped up together with trips to Turku as well, which is an added bonus since it was both of these cities that were designated as co-European Capitals of Culture in 2011. 

When journeying into Helsinki to study music, school trips will include some of the most musically interesting churches in the area. One of the churches that cannot be missed is the Rock Church. Though it’s real name is the Temppeliaukio Chuch, the Rock Church is a stunning work of architecture that was carved directly out of the rock, thus giving the church its name. But, as it also gave the church the acoustics that make musical performances in the church so impressive in their sonority, it would seem like a sin to leave without experiencing it. 

From the Rock Church, go and listen to more tunes where the best small-scale sound can be found, in more churches. The Dome Church in nearby Turku is also the cathedral where classes can hear beautiful music. School trips to the paired city will allow groups to explore the most famous church in Finland, while learning about how music played a roll in its history, from the time that it was a wooden church built in the 1300s. 

One of the best ways to get the most out of a school trip to this part of Finland is to work with the experts. Equity School Travel has a variety of programmes that can be tailored to specific needs and booking through them is a great way to get the most out of a musical trip to Helsinki. 

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