Chapter nine - December 1956 - The Old Peddler Carried a Cudgel

Houston, TX - The district commander had always liked Jan, he himself, was a lieutenant when Linden joined the department. He walked up to him and put his arm around Jan's shoulders. The two of them walked slowly away from the rest of the men. "Jan, my boy, they tell me that you have become obsessed with what you call strange circumstances regarding Nigel's death."
Jan shrugged his shoulders. "Sir, I am even more convinced that Nigel's murder was the act of conspirators.

The commander stop and removed his arm. He looked at him and noticed his bloodshot eyes. "Jan, Jan, my boy. You are going to destroy yourself and your career if you don't stop pursuing an idiotic idea."

"Sir, they, the ANC, killed my father."

"Jan, I knew your dad and this is not something he would be proud of. He would say, no personal feelings and be a police officer first. Proof show them proof."

"I know commander, but the ANC and their members are clever, quite clever."

"Jan, if there was such a conspiracy, we are vastly superior in weapons and intelligence. The black natives and their manmade weapons, dancing, spiritual singing and lack of unity, are not even a smitten no match for a superior force. Hell, just look at what happened to them at Sharpeville. They were no match for a well-armed police force."

The two men departed unable to sway each other convictions. A couple of hours later Jan leaned back in his upright chair and closed his eyes. In his head, he continued to go over repeatedly the pretrial testimony regarding Nigel's comments about membership in the Circle.

"Three tests one must pass and Nigel failed the 'test of life.' What is the 'test of life’? Jan thought to himself. Jan heard the noise of someone moving a chair. He opened one eye and saw a black reserve police officer assigned to police the black townships surrounding major cities in South Africa. It suddenly hit him: "Tomar! Tomar Mangopela, he is the one known by his fellow black police officers as "Unwabu," the chameleon," Jan shouted, rubbing his head. He lowered his voice. "He would know the three tests one must pass to become a member of the Circle and especially the test of life. Tomar is a person who possesses the cunning to convince both the South African police and his own people that he served their interests."

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