San Antonio, Texas — It takes more than just putting something up on the Internet to attract customers. Google and other search engines examine web pages closely to determine whether they include information that is useful to visitors and rank these pages accordingly. In Google's eyes, "content is king." Therefore, having the right web content is crucial for San Antonio businesses that want to make an impact with their web pages. Fortunately, Citywide SEO offers online marketing to San Antonio at businesses that includes both content management and web hosting.

Web design for San Antonio businesses must include more than just a dry call to action. In fact, web designers in San Antonio at must concern themselves with a variety of issues if they are to create the right webpages for their clients, including:

- Locally optimized content. Web content must deal with local issues to appeal to local buyers.
- SEO-friendly keywords. Keywords must be chosen carefully and incorporated into the website design properly to give the company a boost in search engine rankings.
- Rich content. A business website must do more than just give information. It must engage the reader and provide him or her with something valuable.
- Social media. Blogging, Facebook, Twitter and all other forms of social media can be put to good use for a business with the right website design.

Citywide SEO can help San Antonio businesses create the right websites to boost their traffic and sales. Citywide SEO also offers monthly hosting of websites at reasonable rates so that San Antonio businesses never have to worry about having a professional online presence.

About Citywide SEO:

Citywide SEO is an SEO company with a mission: to provide San Antonio businesses with the very best in SEO services, including social media management, PPC campaigns and website hosting and development.

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