United Kingdom. September 23, 2012. Adrian Sykes is a leading art gallery based in Bristol where Adrian concentrates his years of experience in painting and sketching canvass. Over the years he has consistently made a number of art pieces that got appreciated at several art galleries.

He has now put is ´Sunday‘ painting on sale. This is an acrylic paining and pastel on board. This is a new painting from Bristol street art gallery revealing the world behind majestic royal crescent. The original painting has been sold buy one can still look out for some amazing prints of this painting. This is a colorful piece of art with an amazing texture and fillers.

Anyone interested in this painting can simply refer the Bristol street art studio. Know more about Adrian and his other paintings from his website http://www.adriansykes.co.uk or can simply call him at 07812 335 780 for any query.