The new Spokesperson of Cleanse Catalyst Plus Review, Dr. Minerva Asuncion-Gomez, revealed during the recently-ended press conference of the Company the significance of colon cleansing to human health. Further, scientific framework and explanations were provided for people to understand. “We just wanted to substantiate our claim why we said that our product works to help people achieve a total or holistic health and wellness. The focus here is colon cleansing and the significance of our product that contains vital ingredients to clean the large intestine in every human body — the colon,” she explained. 

The colon is the main channel of all toxic wastes that penetrate the human internal organs through the mouth. The wastes coming from the food intakes are stored in this area. Hence, there is a need to clean it every now and then. 

According to Dr. Ryan Harrison, “The large intestine is given the task of absorbing remaining fluids from feces. In the process, the colon absorbs sodium and various salts, discharges potassium, and is the home of between 300 and 1,000 species of microscopic bacteria, some of which produce vitamin K and biotin. These bacteria come in essentially two varieties, either friendly or unfriendly. That is, some of them promote good health, while an overabundance of the others can lead to discomfort and disease.” 

With this emphasis of Dr. Harrison, people should understand the role of supplements that would help clean the large intestine in order to avoid possible diseases. “This is where our product, the Cleanse Catalyst Plus, come into play. It functions on four aspects such as flushing harmful wastes, purifying the system, increasing the energy level, and improving daily digestion and metabolism,” added the Company Spokesperson. 

This product has a webpage where Cleanse Catalyst Plus free bottle and all transactions could be done. “Before buying it, people should try it first,” unveiled Dr. Minerva Asuncion-Gomez. 

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