Cambridge, UK; 14, October 2016: Clinked, an online file sharing, collaboration andclient portal tool,has recently released two new feature updates for its users:‘Email Replies’ and ‘Email Notifications’. The two features are the latest of the continuous on-going updates from Clinked, designed to improve the experience for users.

‘Email Replies’ is the first updated feature. Clinked users can now create a conversation chain within their portal via email. To do so, they reply directly to the email notification they receive when they’re ‘mentioned’ in a comment.

Email Replies

(Above: example of ‘Email Replies’ feature)

The second feature is ‘Email Notifications’. When a Clinked user is ‘mentioned’ in a comment and receives an email notification, the user is now able to view all of the conversations that are taking place on the particular Clinked document that they have been mentioned in.

Email notifications

(Above: example of email notifications feature)

CEO of Clinked, Tayfun Bilsel, says, "Here at Clinked, we love talking to our customers, wherever they are. Most recently one of our existing customers De Novo Review, based in Miami, Florida, approached us with a few ideas on making their client experience even better.We had an open conversation about their business, the clients and their adoption of the platform in order to give them ultimate user experience.”

Bilsel adds, “From the initial conversation to discuss De Novo Review’s requests for the feature improvements, the Clinked Team delivered everything in record time, just under a week, which involves, design, development and rigorous testing. This is how far we go to make our customers and their clients happy. As a result of our day to day conversation with clients, we are able to deliver better service, and ultimate user experience to our customers all around the world"

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