(Free Press Release) Clipping Path India is one kind online graphics studio that specializes in various types of photo treatment services such as clipping path, photoshop masking, image manipulation, image retouching, image editing, photo enhancement, image stitching, drop shadow, raster to vector image, cropping, resizing and re-arranging. It has been the target of the company to deliver excellent services to its clients. Recently the management of the Clipping Path India has launched new image masking tools.

Image masking technique is a photo treatment technique that allows you to isolate a part of an image from the rest without showing the edges. With image masking you can eliminate objects that you don‘t want to print from the rest of the photo. This gives you the power to select a part of your picture that you will like to print.

All the photo treatment techniques known in the business world none takes more time than image masking technique. However, it has been the aspiration of Clipping Path India to deliver its photo treatment services within the shortest turnaround time. In the light of the above the company management has introduced a new image masking tool.

According to the chief executive of the company Mr. R. A. Sumon these new tools are the best known to the technology of our time as far as image masking is concerned. He said that with these new tools less amount of time will be required to carry out image masking.

The occasion features prominent clients of the company who thanked the company for such ingenuity.

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