Have you considered using a hosted desktop for your business? DvDrive comes to your help with the virtual desktop that will replace the traditional one and will help you diminish your IT expenses. This Cloud Hosted Desktop basically offers a faster, reliable, more flexible and more secure IT network. Give it a try as you can benefit from the one-month free trial and then decide if you would like to purchase it!

What is a virtual desktop? The term is used to describe ways in which the virtual space of a computer’s desktop environment is expanded beyond the physical limits of the screen’s display. This can be done either by creating switchable virtual desktops that can be switched between them or expanding the size of a single virtual screen beyond the limit of the size of the viewing device, by scrolling/panning.

If you want to succeed over competitors, you must choose this Cloud Hosted Desktop which offers multiple useful services. You will benefit from centralized storage data, as you and your employees can access the information in a central location from anywhere in the world. A password protected interface and the encryption of any data transfer to and from the server guarantee you the security necessary for your privacy and data.

Moreover, with this Cloud Hosted Desktop, all your data will have a backup made at regular intervals as it is built in Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery capability. Thus, your data will always be safe even in case of unexpected calamities. Or in case of data leakage, no data is saved on end user devices like iPad, smartphones or Thin Clients. So even if an employee loses his laptop or a hard drive crashes, your business will continue without interruption.

DwDrive offers two types of hosted desktops: Hosted Desktop 7 Professional and Hosted Desktop 7 Enterprise. The first one is perfect for most organizations as it offers an advanced virtual desktop user experience from any device. This type of desktop is built on Citrix XenApp and you can configure and deliver many applications and settings using either the Citrix Receiver app or a web browser. The second virtual desktop provides full access and control to the administrator to manage the applications. In order to find out about further details for both these types, you can access the website from DwDrive and read about their utility and the possibilities of expansion.

DwDrive offers many other useful products and services and you can access their website at anytime and check them out. You will find solutions for small and medium businesses and for large enterprises. In order to maximize the productivity and focus on the important aspects of the business, the effective optimization of the IT infrastructure is the most important aspect and this company can offer you the IT solutions you require. Choose a company that can provide you with clever solutions which are bespoke to your company’s needs.

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