Daly City, CA; 04, July 2015: Even machines and high-end gadgets need rest after being utilized and taken advantage of, how much more when the brain, considering that its one of the most crucial areas in the body, is too much exploited for achieving performance? As far as human nature is concerned, when brain is overworked, eventually it is drained and absolutely prone to frazzle and exhaustion. In this case, it certainly needs proper nourishment and support for improvement and enhancement. Introducing! CogniQ Brain Dietary Supplement, highly manufactured by FDA GMP Facility, is the intelligent choice of brain supplement to help increase mental alertness, boost brain functions and by overall, maintain brain’s health condition.

More facts about CogniQ

CogniQ is a 100% clinically-proven natural brain enhancer supplement for ultimate brain performance. It is formulated scientifically to improve men and women’s brain energy, memory, focus, and concentration so individuals can achieve best performance effectively and efficiently.

CogniQ dietary health supplement is highly engineered to provide mental edge! It is an excellent supplement that’s capable for advancing mental functions such as memory, intelligence, cognition, motivation, attention, and concentration.

By taking advantage of its intensified and premium quality natural ingredients, CogniQ dietary health supplement is able to do its roles in the brain system and releasing powerhouse benefits necessary for brain’s overall state;

* Increase in memory recall
* Upgrade energy levels
* Enhances brain’s reaction
* Provides happier mood
* Noticeably more focus
* Improved memory & brain
* Better overall health

CogniQ dietary health supplement is a doctor’s recommended choice or brand of health product as it has gone through series of scientific observations and tests to see to it that each ingredient containing CogniQ supplement is safe, beneficial and absolutely healthful.

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