Collabion helps users build charts and graphs with data stored in Microsoft SharePoint, and quickly extract actionable insights from large amounts of data.

While Microsoft SharePoint is widely regarded as a leading data management suite, acquiring actionable insights from the various SharePoint lists and tables can be quite difficult. Visual representation of the data in the form of Sharepoint charts and graphs can help simplify the data and speed up decision making in the boardroom. This is where Collabion comes in.

As a next-gen charting solution for SharePoint, Collabion lets users build detailed charts with the help of data filtered with specific criteria. The major advantages offered by Collabion include the following:

Support for all recent versions of SharePoint

Collabion works seamlessly with SharePoint 2016, SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2010, WSS 3.0, and MOSS 2007, as well as SharePoint Foundation servers for SharePoint 2010 and 2013, offering excellent compatibility across the board. This is handy for business owners working on previous versions of SharePoint, who are yet to switch to the latest version.

Hassle free installation

Collabion provides wizard-based installation, as well as a point and click interface for creating SharePoint charts and graphs. No coding is necessary, ensuring smooth usage across organizations by users without technical knowledge.

Support for multiple data sources

Collabion supports many types of widely used data sources, including but not limited to SharePoint lists, Microsoft SQL Server/Oracle databases, Microsoft Excel, and even CSV lists. It also supports both standard and European number systems, making it possible for users across EU to make use of it without grappling with an unknown number system.

Wide variety of chart types

Collabion offers 56 different chart types; so, there is a chart type for almost any kind of data visualization.

Support for drill down, filtering, and grouping

Collabion lets users drill down a given set of data up to the n-th level, in order to find specific information. Data can be filtered using specific criteria, or even grouped as per requirements. Collabion can also connect to SharePoint Filter Web Parts to generate user-driven filters. Any chart created with a data set prior to filtering reflects the updates automatically.

Easy export of charts and graphs

Collabion lets users export any graph or chart in the form of Microsoft Excel charts, image, or even as a PDF. It also supports printing of charts and graphs directly.

To sum it all up, Collabion helps users make sense of large quantities of business data quickly, through data visualization. More information on this SharePoint charting solution is available at

Company Bio

Collabion develops products for Microsoft SharePoint, PowerBI, and Microsoft Office 365. The products help users gain insights quickly from data with the help of detailed visualizations, across desktop, as well as mobile devices. Development of apps for Office 365 and creation of custom visuals for PowerBI are also in the pipeline.
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