United States of America; 19/12/2013: Hangzhou Color Powder Coating Equipment Company Limited extends its services by following the principle of considering its customers to be the supreme power. It believes in adopting new techniques and innovative technology to stay ahead of the game and making it quite clear that this is the resource for development. 

The powder coating system and paint coating lines come in 3 options- manual, semi- automatic and automatic powder coating system. The line- up also include special types of drying and curing ovens with different kinds of heating sources such as electric, gas or oil, cyclone or cartridge recovery system, dry painting or wet curtain booth, immersion or spray type pre- treatment plant, and conveyor systems. The company also supplies spare parts like pumps, reciprocators, guns, filters and more. Each of the items and products of the company are manufactured following the terms of ISO14000 and ISO9000. This simply implies that all of their products are environmentally friendly. 

The manual powder coating equipment list feature products such as powder coating gun, laboratory powder coating unit, hopper feed unit, etc. The manual powder coating gun is a favourite amongst customers as it delivers high- quality coating by using Pulse Power It uses low current/ high voltage charging method that helps in reducing free ions. Negative charge is the standard with this equipment but positive charge is also available. Handling this coating gun is easy because of its easy- to- hold grip and lightweight design. 

Automatic powder booth is another product that is gaining popularity with the passing of each day. Air gets drawn by the booth fans through filters and gets released through the top. It helps in keeping the shop clean and decent, minimizing powder dust. This powder booth comes with several advantages and that include providing safety to the operator, environment compliance, colour changeover, operational efficiency and production capacity, is longer lasting, quieter and more durable. The package includes motors, fans, bolt and nut fasteners, detailed instructions and drawings, and filters. 

Established in the year 2009, the company clocks an annual sales figure of $10 million- $50 million. The company currently employs almost 100 staffs, 10 engineers, and 10 R&D staffs. The export ratio of the company is between 91% and 100%. The company offers its greetings and welcomes guests from all parts of the world to visit its factory and see for themselves how the entire establishment works to deliver top- quality service every single time. The company ships its products to more than 80 countries, where the company is going great guns because of its top- class machine quality and after- sales service. 

About Colo Poweder Coating 

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Colo Poweder Coating is the official website of the electrostatic powder coating line producing company, Hangzhou Color Powder Coating Equipment Company Limited. It exports its products all over the globe, mainly focussing in such markets as Western Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, Middle East and South America.