16, June 2016: Each mode of transport has a fundamentally different technological solution, and some require a separate environment. Each mode has its own infrastructure, vehicles, and operations, and often has unique regulations. Each mode also has separate subsystems. Yet, Airwheel Q5 twin-wheeled intelligent self-balancing scooter will enable you to enjoy a colourful movement.

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Allow yourself to be drawn by the exuberant look of the Airwheel Q5, the twin-wheel model designed for those who want to give a touch of colour to their day! Equipped with two interchangeable soft cushions, Airwheel Q5 self-balancing electric scooter provides a completely relaxed riding style for travellers who want to take life lightly and cheerfully. Now, Airwheel Q5 will give the rider a brighter riding experience with the azure blue or lime green appearance, which give the user a different visual experience.


Apart from the shinning colour, Airwheel e Q5 is the first product characterized by LED atmosphere lights, highlighting your riding experience and daily life. Refined by premium details and superb crafts, Airwheel Q5 is designed for the ultimate pursuit of concise aesthetics. The pedals on the Airwheel Q5 intelligent electric scooter have been further developed with respect to those mounted on previous models, making them even more shock resistant thanks to their rounded shape and aluminium alloy construction, as well as providing more vehicle stability and greater control for the feet.


The best security protection adds much assurance to Airwheel Q5 twin-wheeled electric scooter. Alert beeps when safety measures are activated if you are tilting over 45° sideways, riding with the speed over 16km/h or the power level falls lower than 15%. Ultra-fast charge is another advantage of Airwheel Q5 that is considerably to save your precious time, 80min to get 80%. To conclude, Airwheel Q5 will give the rider a brighter riding experience.

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