Orlando, FL— July 30, 2015 — Nowadays, the use of natural ingredients is considered to be one of the best ways to regain and improve health. There are many spices and herbs that are believed to be therapeutic, including turmeric and black pepper. While there are many natural ingredients that are good for human health, these two appear to be very popular among millions of people worldwide.

The combination of black pepper and turmeric is believed to have powerful therapeutic benefits. Turmeric has long been used as a kitchen and medicinal ingredient in Asia, especially in India. Black pepper, on the other hand, is also used for medicinal purposes.

“Today, people take advantage of the therapeutic benefits of turmeric and black pepper by purchasing them in a supplement or capsule form,” said VitaBreeze Supplements spokesperson, Michelle O’Sullivan.
Turmeric and black pepper, when used together, are believed to offer a wide variety of health benefits. Black pepper contains a key ingredient known as piperine, which may offer many therapeutic properties. Turmeric is popularized by its key ingredient known as curcumin, which is believed to have antibacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Studies have been conducted to investigate the benefits of using a combination of black pepper and curcumin. Curcumin has low levels of bioavailability, and it gets metabolized even before it is absorbed by the body. Piperine works by inhibiting intestinal digestive enzymes, and thus, making curcumin more bioavailable. When both are taken, more of the therapeutic properties of curcumin are being absorbed by the body.

In a study, it was found that 2 grams of curcumin has very low levels of serum when ingested. However, when 20 milligrams of piperine was added, there was an increase of bioavailability by 2000%. The level of absorption, serum levels and bioavailability of curcumin also dramatically improved. Some experts suspect that add-ons such as black pepper are good for turmeric usage.

There are several health benefits associated with the use of piperine, and one is pain reduction. It is even used as a topical cream to relieve pain. Curcumin, which is anti-inflammatory, is also used for pain relief. Turmeric supplements that contain black pepper extract are believed to be very helpful among individuals who are suffering from arthritic pain.

Today, many individuals who suffer from pain and discomfort caused by arthritis are using turmeric supplements that contain BioPerine, a product sourced out from the black pepper extract piperine. There were those who reported significant pain relief and improved mobility while using the supplement (amazon.com/ss/customer-reviews/B00JA4TLTI/).
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