Riders have noted that S5 shares some resemblances with S3 in aspect of stylish design. However, S5 is specially designed with a mudguard, which contributes to the roughness of the design, arousing the beauty of wildness. Besides, the wheels are design into 16 X 3.5 inch for wider ground contact area that improves the accclly friction and land-holding capability, enabling S5 electric scooter to better negotiate varied terrains. ?

Airwheel S5 self-balancing electric scooter enjoys the maximized output power of 1500w and is well supported by powerful momentum, which guarantees the climbing strength and makes the entire riding a conquering journey of rutty or bumpy roads. The battery capacity of Airwheel S5 has achieved 680wh that tops the list of all Airwheel equipped batteries. The colossal battery capacity makes it easier for long-distance travel. And in real road condition tests, Airwheel S5 two-wheeled electric scooter can run a non-stop journey of 45-50 miles, and satisfies the need of a carefree and pleasurable riding experience with its brilliant power sustainability.

Moreover, Airwheel S5 is uniquely equipped with tail-lights. The two taillights are featured by ultra-high brightness and completely automated controlling, which can light up automatically in case of emergent braking. The strong brightness of taillights is easy to be identified even in day light and plays such an important role in advancing riding safety. In terms of safety, Airwheel S5 surpasses other scooters due to its application of original Panasonic lithium battery with sealed circuit that is resistant to dust and water, double built-in intelligent chips as well as double panels, ensuring more safety during outdoor ridings. It is true that Airwheel has outperformed any other Airwheel electric scooters in unparalleled product details for riding safety and stability.

The dream of conquering varied road conditions in pursuit of thrilling and adventures has finally been realized by Airwheel S5 two-wheeled self-balancing scooter. With the robust and rough appearance, riders would feel the sense of masculine power and strength, which empowers the entire riding experience. Most importantly, riders’ safety has been well guaranteed for the considerate and marvelous designs for a thrilling yet safer riding.

Mr. Tang
Airwheel electric scooter brand
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