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14th June, 2016: Comfywave baby bandana bibs provide mothers with an efficient and durable solution for drooling, teething and feeding. Comfywave drool bibs have combined efficiency with style to manufacture cute baby bandana bibs for girls and boys.

The features which make Comfywave drool bibs the obvious choice for mothers are:
* Efficiency: High absorbing capacity to prevent bacterial infection around the neck and cheek of babies due to drooling
* Safety: Composed of pure cotton and premium quality soft polyester fleece which does not allow chafing of the skin. It is free of BPA, Phthalate, latex, lead and other toxic chemicals.
* Flexibility and fit: The baby bandana bibs have a pair of adjustable snaps. It can be a precise and comfortable fit for any baby in the age group of 3-36 months.
* Style: Composed of a range of bright patterns and unisex colours, these bandana bibs look cute on both boys and girl.
* Customizable: Provided with customized gift tag, it is the perfect baby shower gift.

These bibs are now available on Amazon for $15.95 at

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About Comfywave:
Comfywave is made in a family safe environment using generations of proven children products manufacturing techniques. Innovated, keeping a baby’s full comfort in mind, their baby scarf bibs have all the perfect features to offer bandana bibs that are safe, super absorbent, hygienic, cute, comfortable and suitable for drooling, teething and feeding. It is designed to keep mothers and babies happy.