31, August 2015: Greg Martin, owner of San Marcos CA based AAA Pro1 Rain Gutters, today announced the publication of a new article written to help HOA managers, apartment managers, and commercial rental property owners understand the importance of good commercial gutter and roof drainage maintenance.

The article titled, "Commercial Gutter & Downspout Maintenance Checklist", is currently posted on the company's website. Included are the steps to be taken to avoid preventable damage related to critters, rain, wind, and wildfire.

According to AAA Pro1 Rain Gutters' spokesperson Greg Martin, the article will further explain how gutters and roof drains are designed to allow for the proper flow of water during heavy rain, reducing the risk of interior water damage caused by water seeping into the roof or down insides of walls.

The article titled, "Commercial Gutter & Downspout Maintenance Checklist" and is now posted on the company's website.

"To ensure roof drainage systems are operating properly, we recommend through this article some simple and low-cost guidelines, a sampling of which are provide below," said spokesman Greg Martin.

Commercial Gutter, Downspout Maintenance (Partial Checklist Preview)

1) Inspect and clean the roof drainage system at least twice a year, during the spring and fall. If there is a history of clogs from tree leaves, inspections should be conducted more frequently. Also, inspect the roof after any roof-related contractor services. Our commercial gutter maintenance services are available to assist you.

2) Keep trees trimmed and away from the roof. This prevents branches from damaging the gutters by rubbing against the roof. Also help keep leaves from accumulating and clogging drains and gutters.

3) Check all drainage systems for leaks and to ensure they are properly secured and flowing correctly after severe weather.

4) Ensure downspouts guide water away from the building and do not allow water to accumulate near the building's perimeter or collect at the foundation or in primary walk ways.

5) Ensure the gutters are anchored by gutter straps designed to resist high winds.

The full list can be accessed in the published article on the company's website at the following link http://aaapro1raingutters.com/commercialguttersdownspoutservices/commercialguttersdownspoutmaintenancechecklist

"Following these, and the others that are not mentioned here, provide the basic preventive maintenance procedures that will help ensure your commercial roof guttering systems will work properly and protect structures from extreme weather events throughout the year," noted Greg, who invites interested persons to call him to schedule a free onsite evaluation of their building's commercial guttering system.

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