03, October 2015: Riding Airwheel intelligent scooter is varying from the daily-used transport to a sport, an entertainment and a trend. Therefore, the questions users raised have been hotly discussed and debated. Below are the most common questions and the corresponding answers.

Which is the best time of day to ride Airwheel and do exercise?

Generally speaking, two ways of saying are the most popular: in the early morning and in the evening. Some of them believe that working out in the morning effectively reduces blood glucose and fat in order to prevent obesity. Others, especially people from sport world, insist that within the three hours after getting up, people’s temperature is the lowest and in the afternoon, it rises up to the highest, so the afternoon is the best time to do exercise by Airwheel intelligent electric scooter. During this period of time, we are full of physical strength, smooth heart rate and relatively low blood pressure.


How Long Should I Wait to Workout After a Meal?

How long should I wait to ride the one-wheel scooter is the question many people concern, especially working people, because the only time they may use is after dinner. Generally speaking, strong intensity sports need at least two hours after dinner, but low intensity sports only need 15 minutes. Electric self-balancing scooter is a low intensity sport, which is in favor of digestive absorption. However, if you want to try some difficult or fast moves, you would better wait for a longer time.


How to refill after a workout without doing hard work?

Though riding Airwheel electric scooter is not as vigorous as running, but it consumes a lot of calories after the longtime exercise. Therefore, users can be quite thirsty after riding. At the moment, because of sweating a lot, some people want to have some cold drinks or ice cream. However, it is bad for their health and causes blood sugar to rise very quickly. Milk is a good choice, which can not only quench the thirst and satisfy hunger better, but also its leonine makes for the synthesis of muscle protein.

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