New York, New York; 21, August 2015: The Company behind the availability of Restora Night Cream held a press conference yesterday at New York, New York, discussing the confirmation of the Restora Night Cream Review writers about the potency of this skincare product.

“We have records that confirm the happiness and satisfaction of the consumers about this product’s potency. They are so happy that our product is really working to help them restore the skin youthfulness and smoothness,” said Amanda Clemente, spokesperson.

Restora Night Cream is a skincare product that contains effective and natural ingredients. According to the spokesperson, the ingredients this product has are:

* Aloe barbadensis
* Hemp Oil
* Hyaluronic acid
* Yellow Cucumin
* Refynil

“These components are really formulated using the lens of science. Hence, our product has been enjoyed by a lot of people presently in this world,” added the spokesperson.

According to one Restora Night Cream review writer, named Jocelyn Mendez, “Wow! This product is really amazing. It really gives me happiness. My skin is now smooth and youthful again. I use this formula for 2 straight months now. This is really worth-sharing.”

Meanwhile, the company spokesperson also said that they are planning to conduct a workshop-seminar sooner or later for people to learn about some tips and practical ways regarding natural skin care. “This event will be effectuated very soon. We want to do this, in order to reach out more people in the countryside,” she eventually disclosed.

Restora Night Cream is available online via an official website. Restora Night Cream risk-free trial can be availed of through online processing system.

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