A specialist company has recently released an article with a series of tips to help holidaymakers contract the right type of family travel insurance for a stress-free holiday. 

The list, partially based on an interview with one of the company’s specialists, takes into consideration the changing panorama of modern family holidays. Rather than focus on the traditional two-parent, two-children ‘nuclear family’, the tips and hints included in the rundown take into account extended family holidays and divorce situations, amongst other common family situations that occur in today’s Western society. 

Families travelling with elderly relatives, for instance, are advised to contract separate family travel insurance policies for their extended family members, whilst contracting a more standard one for the family unit itself. Similarly, in divorce situations, should the children be travelling with their legal guardian, he or she is advised to double-check exactly what the policy will help cover their child from. A separate one for the guardian should also be taken out just to make sure. Finally, families travelling with nannies or au-pairs are strongly advised to contract a policy for these individuals, as well. 

In what concerns more general family travel insurance situations, the article singles out medical conditions, such as asthma, and advises that these should always be declared when contracting family travel insurance. Ensuring that the policy extends to gadgets such as smartphones or games consoles is also advised, in order to cut out-of-pocket costs in case of accident, loss or theft. The list concludes by advising holidaymakers contracting multi-trip family travel insurance policies to remember that children under eighteen years of age may not be cleared to travel independently from their guardians, and to act accordingly. 

The aforementioned article is released at a time of year when the vast majority of Western families are taking advantage of the warm weather and school holidays to head to different corners of the world, and is therefore very timely in its attempt to help families contract the right type of family travel insurance policy for their holidays. 

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