26, August 2015: Both Airwheel X series single-wheeled electric scooter and Q series twin-wheeled scooter are controlled by body movements, and riders do not have handles to steer the direction during the riding. The two types of electric self-balancing scooter provides the same riding format yet with different riding experience.


In terms of design style, the two types of Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter look similar. Both the two types of the scooter are designed without a handle, and the two types of the scooters support a very simple riding format- directly riding on a wheel or two wheels with standing-posture. Riders keep upright while riding on wheels. The unique riding format has attracted many Airwheel riders and arouses people’s interests.

Riding with Airwheel X series single-wheeled electric scooter is somewhat thrilling and entertaining. In spite of the gyroscope system applied, the self-balancing electric scooter still requires some riding skills to better control the scooter. Since people get used to riding with a sitting posture on two wheels, it is a little challenging for riders reshape the riding format and adapt to a new way of riding. However, many riders find it is interesting to learn how to better control the single-wheeled electric scooter. Comparatively, Airwheel twin-wheeled self-balancing scooter riding is easier since the twin-wheeled design with wider ground contact space.


Generally speaking, Airwheel single-wheeled electric scooter attracts more male riders while twin-wheeled electric scooter is more favored by female and kids. Male riders will choose single-wheeled scooter for fun and stunts playing, and X series scooters are very popular with those male riders anyway. But thanks to Airwheel twin-wheeled electric scooter, riders can also experience a different riding experience. Riding Airwheel twin-wheeled electric scooter is more relaxing and easier, and helps those riders who always stay in house ride with standing posture. Actually, Airwheel twin-wheeled self-balancing scooter is considered as an ideal way of body exercising. Besides, Airwheel twin-wheeled scooter is relatively more suitable for short-distance daily commuting.

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