5/31/2016: Are you looking to create a new system for your business to take it to the next level?  CompsDoc LLC’s Tigra, a cloud-based business process management software, is the solution you are looking for. With this innovative tool, you can easily communicate with your employees and manage their tasks or needs from anywhere in the world. The system is supported on many devices from Windows/Mac computers to Android and iOS cell phones. Manage employees in India or the Phillipines while running operations in the USA, it is possible with CompsDoc LLC’s Tigra framework which supports remote business processes anywhere an internet connection can reach.

According to Nathan Wan, founder of CompsDoc LLC, this tool was created because the existing business management software was “too complicated to setup and very hard to customize”. So, the developers at CompsDoc LLC created the Tigra framework which provides a business management suite that is customized to fit your business.

The Tigra framework is now a fourth generation product and it is “the best version that has been released so far” according to Nathan Wan. Tigra 4 now supports responsive design and is mobile optimized for the new digital age.

The fourth version of Tigra has been in development for over a year; Nathan Wan stated “(he) wanted to make sure all the functionality from Tigra 3 transferred over to Tigra 4 even with the support of mobile devices and varying screen sizes”. Along with this, he stated “We have had our client’s businesses grow with our Tigra framework and are now at the enterprise level with most of them, at this level we have added more security, enterprise features and speed to the Tigra framework with the latest release including data auditing for compliance purposes”.

Started in Boston, CompsDoc LLC’s Tigra was developed from the ground up with innovative thinking to make business management easier. You can find more about CompsDoc LLC’s Tigra framework at www.compsdoc.com, Google+ or contact them directly at www.CompsDoc.com

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