Miami, FL; 03, October 2016: With a multitude of controversy that centers around personal hygiene products and the adverse effects of things such as GMO's and toxic products, one father decided to open a business to protect his family from harmful and unnatural products. The grand opening of the online store, Sapo Company will be held on October 5th, 2016.

Castellanos knew he needed to create a healthy environment for his family and wanted to share safety across the globe by starting an online store with a box subscription option for organic soaps for both home and business. Jose, a father of two boys, understood that if he didn't do something to protect his family from the harmful substances that are absorbed into the bloodstream once passing through the transdermal layer that his children would be at risk. Ingredients such as fragrance, parabens, sulfates and triclosan could potentially cause adverse effects like triggering allergies and headaches. "The government does a microscopic activity to regulate chemicals added, and they do even less to inform consumers, so something needed to be done" states Castellanos.

While you can purchase non-toxic soap and cleansers at places such as Wholefoods, Sapo Company operates as a service for consumers to buy online getting product delivered to their address. This service is similar to companies such as Bark Box and the Dollar Shave Club, as a monthly subscription but with the option to just purchase when you want. "It's sometimes difficult to get the same organic soaps if you've discovered one you like because these are hand-crafted, they can be hard to find if people want to buy them again; the subscription allows them to auto-deliver, so you always have a supply." Castellanos goes on to say "The bottom line is people need to be safe and using soap shouldn't be something to stress out about, I feel that by sharing what I've discovered, it will help people make a difference when it comes to their health and safety."

Subscriptions are now available. To learn more about the Jose Victor Castellanos and SapoCompany, go to

About The Sapo Company:

Sapo Company is a family owned and operated business based out of South Florida offering both monthly subscription and one-time orders delivered directly to you. They use no artificial ingredients, do not test on animals and are 100% natural and organic ingredients.


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