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Although slightly less impressive than last year, the UK is expecting another bumper apple harvest.  Coupled with the growing popularity of cider beverages, more and more cider producers are expected to enter the market over the coming year.  Peterborough-based Enduramaxx enables organisations of all sizes to produce their own ciders, thanks to its range of cone bottom tanks.

Although apple yields across the EU are expected to dip by four per cent this year, the 28 member states are still estimated to be producing approximately 11,974,000 tonnes of apples this growing season.  With well known, mainstream brands launching their own cider brands, the trend for smaller producers to enter the market with alternative tasting, smaller batch ciders is on the increase too.  A number of cider festivals taking place across the UK this summer, such as the Dorchester Cider Festival, the Swansea Sausage and Cider Festival and the Manchester Beer and Cider Festival all support the fact that cider is a rapidly expanding market.

It has never been easier for cider market entrants, thanks to Peterborough-based Enduramaxx, a company that made its name through the manufacture and supply of rainwater tanks, liquid fertiliser tanks and a number of liquid and chemical storage tanks for farming.  The company’s cone bottom tank range is ideal for the production of cider.

Enduramaxx cone bottom tanks are available in sizes ranging from 250 litres, a size ideal for domestic producers, to a very large 17,000 litres for larger, commercial producers.  Their varying degree cone bottoms allow for sediments and impurities to sink to the bottom and can be drained throughout the cider making process.  The conical tanks are made from a single piece of ribbed and UV-stabilised polyethylene, so cider is stored at optimum conditions.

As well as cone bottom tanks, Enduramaxx also supplies cider makers and brewers with a number of tanks ideal for storing the finished product as well as WRAS-approved water storage tanks, meaning that the tanks exceed the stringent standards required to store water fit for human consumption.

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