N M SATHEESH/Hyderabad: Being alive to the concerns of people and timely intervention to address their grievances will help a leader grow in stature. The Andhra Pradesh Youth Congress firmly believes in this tenet, says the General Secretary M Ravi Kumar Yadav.

In an interview with the Metro News on Saturday, the upcoming youth leader shared his views about the organisation, its services and its future plans.

Excerpts from the interview…

What strategies is the Andhra Pradesh Youth Congress adopting to attract the youth?
In my opinion, the best way to attract the youth is responding to their issues at right time. Leaders must give confidence to the youngsters that they are not alone in their noble endeavours and that an organisation and the whole leadership is behind them. I will tell you my experience. Recently, one youth met with an accident and immediately, he called me in the middle of the night. I went there personally and took him to the hospital and his life was saved. When blasts took place at Dilsukhnagar, Youth Congress leaders and cadre served the victims in various ways. We provided water, breakfast, meal and other facilities for a week to the families of the victims.

It was not done for the sake of publicity but with a passion to serve people. Our organisation is responding to several issues. For instance, when Pakistan army killed our jawans at the boarders, Andhra Pradesh Youth Congress held protest rallies. Youth Congress central leadership taught us that the leaders must respect each invitation from the common people and from the youth. If you are not able to attend the programme, at least convey the message to them. Such an approach will increase public goodwill.

In the coming elections, how will your organisation help the Congress?
I am in-charge for five parliamentary constituencies in the state. I am touring them every month for ten days and meeting local leaders and enquiring them about their activities and preparing them for the coming elections. Several state level leaders are working in the same fashion. On the other hand, we are trying to reach out to the new voters. Every year, about 10 per cent young voters register themselves. We are endeavouring to reach out to them to muster their support in favour of Congress.

How is your organisation attracting youngsters?
We are holding several programmes for them in order to boost their confidence. Medical camps, cricket tournaments and conducting programmes on important days are among the activities underway. Such programmes are attracting the youngsters.For example we are conducting a walk on the occasion of World Heart Day at Botanical Garden, Gachibowli on Sunday (September 29). About 300 people are going to attend it.

What are the important problems being faced by the youth of the state and how is your organisation trying to address them? As far as my knowledge goes, unemployment is the biggest problem. In my area, I am trying to guide the youngsters to explore opportunities as per their qualifications. This approach will be adopted by all the Youth Congress leaders. Another big problem is the growing attacks on women. Recently, a woman employee was attacked by the some goons. Our boys helped the police to nab the culprits. Our leaders are in touch with the police and helping them in protecting the women.

How do you see the leadership of Rahul Gandhi and how is he influencing the organisation?
Rahul Gandhi’s approach towards organizational affairs is unique. His idea to hold elections to the party posts has opened up opportunities for youngsters who are really working for the cause of the people. I consider myself a beneficiary of this. Had there been no elections, I would have remained at Hyderabad district level. I met Rahul Gandhi during the Aam Admi Ka Sipayi programme and his way of working impressed me immensely.

Will Rahul emerge as the Prime Ministerial candidate of the Congress?
If Rahul wanted to become Prime Minister, he could have become one long ago. But he is taking time to work among the people, understand their problems and gain experience. As far as my opinion is concerned, he shall take over the reins of the country after the next Parliament elections. India has largest a high population of youth and there is a need to use harness their energy and talent effectively for the country’s progress. Rahul’s leadership and guidance is needed in this direction.