Danbury, CT — Connecticut Family Chiropractic recommends the use of spinal decompression therapy on the Axiom DRX9000 in conjunction with class IV laser treatments to the lumbar spine and connective tissues including lumbar disc is helpful in a vast majority of low back conditions. Lumbar disc disease has plagued mankind for long and Hippocrates, who is renowned as the father of medicine had proclaimed the importance of the spine. He had indicated that axial body traction and manipulative techniques could help to cure low back pain and many other ailments of the body.

Throughout the ages and most recently medical and chiropractic researchers have determined that joint movement is the key to improving the health of the joint and improving a body health overall. Dr. Sclafani says “Just think about it, if a person is born with a perfect body and does not move how long will it take before that body would degenerate into a withering weak individual”. This has been proven time and time again when injured athletes are forced to rest the body parts, the natural process of body atrophy begins immediately. Researchers have now confirmed that ongoing body movement and increasing the range of motion of body parts is the best way to keep all of the musculoskeletal parts of the body intact thriving, growing and strengthening. Even internal organs function better with proper posture and proper ergonomic exercise, which has been shown to enhance fresh blood flow, exercise, cardiac muscle, blood vessels, arteries, veins and capillaries which all bring vital oxygen and nutrients to the far reaching and distant points where cells resides waiting for oxygen and nutrients.

Usage of DRX9000 to Cure Low Back Pain

The DRX9000 is a state-of-the-art lumbar decompression machine that literally helps to reduce the pressure of herniated discs, allowing the lumbar disc to recede away from the spinal nerve, effectively causing decreased nerve pressure and decreased pain. The machine was first developed in early 1990. The technology was first introduced into mainstream low back pain treatment following initial research on a similar machine called the VAX-D. Connecticut Family Chiropractic has one of the few DRX9000 machines available at locations between Hartford and New York City. Experts at the clinic including Dr. Sclafani can help you reduce low back pain, leg pain, increase low back strength, improve sitting quality and sleep quality by treating your ailments with this machine.

Connecticut Family Chiropractic lead by Dr. Sclafani for the past 22 years strives to enhance proper body movement in even the most acutely injured individuals. “Understand that an injured body part is not just an injured body part” explains Sclafani. “Since when did an arm or leg operate on its own without help from a knee, hip, pelvis or spine”. If you are planning a trip to the Connecticut Family Chiropractic, it is recommended you do it soon, as the clinic has a limited period offer of a 30-minute Swedish massage on your first visit.

About Dr. Louis Sclafani:

Dr. Sclafani studied at Westchester, New York Medical College toward his biochemistry masters. It was at that time that Dr. Sclafani made a crucial decision to become a chiropractic physician. He entered New York Chiropractic College in 1989 and graduated magna cum laude with high honors and contributed to research papers that were published in JMPT, Journal of Manipulative Physiotherapeutics.

About Connecticut Family Chiropractic:

Connecticut Family Chiropractic was established in 1992 and as we approach our 22nd year of service, we are happy and proud to be able to say we are growing faster than ever. Throughout these years, we have maintained the forefront in the Chiropractic Healing Arts in Greater Danbury Area. Our Doctors and staff set the highest standards of service in the industry for our patients. Our Health Care Philosophy includes a weekly Health Care Lecture. This is given at no cost to our patients, their family and friends. It is with this that we say, a well-informed patient is our best patient.

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