California; 28, March 2015: Consumer Action Law Group today announced that they stopped a foreclosure sale of their client’s property in just 10 minutes. The client’s property was scheduled for auction sale at 9.00 am and foreclosure attorneys of the firm received a call from the client at 9:12am. The attorneys acted swiftly and filed for a judicial stay of the sale. The trustee conducting the sale then confirmed that the house was protected under the order, and the sale, which occurred at 9:23 am, was reversed.

Lena Gurevich, the foreclosure attorney who handles many similar cases, reveals that she and her colleagues quickly jumped into action as soon as they received the call from the client. She describes the call as one of many similar instances: “My assistant received the call from the distressed client and we moved right away to gather all relevant details from the client to ascertain if the case would qualify for bankruptcy. Our office called the trustee to notify that we would be filing bankruptcy to stop foreclosure. As with many similar emergency calls, we bought a few minutes to file for the bankruptcy by calling the trustee ahead of time.”

Within a few minutes, Consumer Action Law Group attorneys completed the necessary paperwork to file for bankruptcy. At 9:22 am, Lauren Rode, a partner and foreclosure and bankruptcy attorney, filed bankruptcy for the client. Consumer Action Law Group called the trustee again at 9:23 am, they confirmed that the property was technically sold at 9:23, but since the owner filed bankruptcy at 9:22 am the sale was reversed. The foreclosure attorney at Consumer Action Law Group took 10 minutes to stop foreclosure and saved their client’s home.

Attorney Lauren Rode says that on several occasions they have worked with very short notice to stop foreclosure. In every case, when someone’s home is at stake, they have to move quickly and everyone in the firm performs in a proactive manner. She stated, “We do whatever we can to stop foreclosure sales. We have saved hundreds of properties from foreclosure because we move very quickly and we are very responsive to homeowners facing foreclosure.” Consumer Action Law Group provides legal assistance in all matters related to home foreclosure and debt. To learn more about their foreclosure services, visit:

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