The Patient and Protection Affordable Care Act created the Obamacare marketplace just so that every American would be entitled to health insurance coverage and protection. There are major reforms that are happening, the Obamacare facts include the individual mandate, guaranteed-issue policies and tax credits. Other features include affordability, expansion on Medicaid and essential health benefits. Since early enrollment will happen in the 4th quarter of 2013 it is the official start of the 2014 insurance marketplace launch.


The Obamacare marketplace comprises of a reform law that is comprehensive and complex called Affordable Care Act. This law affects all of the American healthcare industry that forms 18 percent of the country’s GNP. Since America is characterized by a two-party system it is no surprise that one party has been bucking the reform from day one, but to no avail. Obamacare facts have been manipulated to sparked many different feelings instead of just sticking to any known facts. However people were fed up with being overcharged or denied for health care and hence consider the new law to be a boon.


Geared for the consumer’s convenience, you can access the marketplace 24 hours a day and seven days a week. If you have ever used Expedia or Travelocity for booking vacations then you will not have a problem maneuvering around the Obamacare marketplace since it will be the same kind of mold. For consumers who need help maneuvering around there will be navigators in place. The marketplace for health insurance will allow any American to read information that is straight forward so they can shop for health insurance that is affordable. These are Obamacare facts.


Consumers can check the different health insurance rates and coverage for easy comparisons thanks to the Obamacare marketplace. There will be codes given to policies with the highest premium cost and health benefits working all the way down to the cheapest. Every plan is going to include the reform law’s essential health benefits that are regulated. There is a trade off in the different plans that will mainly be leaning towards expenses for premiums. The top plans will have additional benefits that the cheaper plans will not offer and these are the Obamacare facts that few people hear about.


Another of the Obamacare facts is any American who is eligible for Medicaid by making 138 percent lower than what the poverty level is can receive coverage. Some states though have refused to expand their coverage for any of their residents. For the first couple of years the Federal Government is stepping in and covering all states costs by 100 percent and will eventually drop it down to 90 percent. It is amazing that not all states are taking advantage of this since they lose nothing at the beginning and very little at the end. Obamacare marketplace is for everyone to have health insurance.


One of the Obamacare facts is that if a person has a pre-existing condition insurance companies can no longer deny them insurance coverage. They cannot drop a person for their health history, if they are considered a medical burden or a health risk. The Obamacare marketplace stands behind this guarantee. In order to give insurance companies peace of mind that people will not get insurance just because they are getting ready to have a major operation Obamacare's individual mandate motivates everyone to have health insurance. Americans failing on this front are liable to paying a penalty.


Once you are cognizant of all the Obamacare facts you can decide which side you wish to support. In case you are interested in the new health insurance marketplace the right place for you would be the Obamacare marketplace because this is where you will be able to access more details.