A recent study has shown that many ad agencies are in need of good content strategists who can diversify contents and information’s about a particular brand. They are on the lookout for skilled strategists who can update their skills and keep delivering for various companies. This need by ad agencies even brought out an argument from Ben barone Nugent. In another report David sillitoe of the guardian even acclaimed that content nowadays has a whole new definition and is no longer meant to be words on a page. This suggests that digital content is growing constantly. 

Most of the brands today are searching for such creative digital content which can be showcased over a range of apps or places such as stores, metrolites etc where people can easily spot them. This type of content marketing has achieved something even greater than most of the TV ads and other campaigns. A recent news article featured a branded content from Honda which engaged people easily and purely defied the structural limitations of TV and retail promotions. This news report marks the beginning of the content era. People seem to enjoy such useful contents which help a business grow among its customers. 

Content strategists gain much of their experiences by using various contents. Meta data strategy, IA development, CMS consulting and editorial planning are few companies which are helping businesses for years. A study revealed that content strategists basically understand the contents and modify it in a creative way. Good management, planning and a guided style development is highly needed to make sense in an ad content. http://anzactoronto.com will entertain you with more on content strategists through their directory submission.