Las Vegas, NV; 29, October 2016: Continental Message Solution is an award-winning call center. Also offering a live answering service, they serve the communication needs of clients worldwide. The company was originally founded in 1967 in Columbus, OH.

Due to continued growth, CMS is happy to announce they have opened a new office facility. Located at 2950 E. Flamingo Road in Las Vegas, the additional space allows CMS to continue expanding and offering reliable, customized solutions tailored to each of their client's needs.

Rich Titus is the company's Director of Marketing and Business Development. He explains that "the new office allows us to better serve the Southwest and West Coast."

He adds: "It provides us with the space required to facilitate additional growth."

"We're also excited about the employment opportunities this will present to the community. We’re bringing jobs to the area and that’s something everyone can benefit from." Managing the new office is Carol Baker, who has over 20 years of experience with CMS.

Professional answering services

CMS offers 24/7 live answering and customer service solutions. The CMS answering services aren't just for taking calls. They can also relay calls to a client's personnel. Plus, they even boast an order taking service - ideal for mail order companies.

CMS's answering services can also work with each client's existing call center. They can provide overflow cover to ensure calls don't get dropped. It's an ideal service for times where ad-hoc telephone answering services are needed.

The professional answering services CMS provides are ideal for organizations of all sizes. They get used by sole traders, small businesses, and large corporations.

Call center outsourcing

CMS offers a versatile range of solutions for businesses. Their call center outsourcing services are one such example. For instance, CMS can provide front line help desk and customer service functions. That makes them an ideal extension of any organization.

Employee call-off hotline solutions

CMS can offer companies employee call-off hotline solutions. It allows them to streamline and centralize attendance monitoring. What's more, it gives employees a single point of contact for reporting absences.

Managers also benefit with custom notifications and reporting tools at their disposal. CMS provide a solution that cuts down on paperwork and minimizes employment disputes.

Cost-effective, data driven communication

All services offered by CMS get customized to each client's individual needs. From call center support solutions to IVR services. All customers can enjoy a wealth of support and tools for their organizations.

About Continental Message Solution

Founded in 1967, CMS provides customized global call center solutions. They work with a plethora of industries including real estate, IT, and healthcare.

The solutions CMS offers include 24/7 call handling and virtual receptionist services. They also provide retail and emergency call center solutions.

For Media Contact:
Rich Titus
Continental Message Solution
2950 E. Flamingo Road
Las Vegas, NV 89121 United States
Tel: +1 (614) 224-4534
Email: [email protected]