Little Rock, Arkansas - Custom breast prosthesis manufacturer ContourMed has moved to a new location in Little Rock. The company moved from downtown Little Rock to its new location at 1515 South Bowman Road; the new, larger facility provides the additional space needed to expand and develop its product range.

The move to a bigger facility is part of the company’s strategy for offering a larger selection of breast prostheses to women throughout the country. ContourMed’s high-quality, patented Symmetry Scan technology produces life-like custom breast prosthetics for women who have undergone unilateral mastectomies, bilateral mastectomies or lumpectomies.

ContourMed currently offers four product lines: Profile, Virage, and Naturèl, the latest line. All of these product lines include custom breast forms that mimic the appearance, weight, feel, and texture of natural breasts. The company uses their patented scanning process to produce prosthetics that offer a comfortable and secure fit that aims to closely match each patient’s anatomy.

ContourMed’s need for a new location reflects the company’s growth over the years. “We are excited that we were able to debut our latest product line, Naturèl, after the move to our new facility,” said Bryan Holloway, Facility Director of ContourMed. “The new space will allow us to continue to develop and innovate in the field of custom prosthetic breasts.” The addition of the Naturèl product line is the most recent example of the company’s dedication to expanding access to custom breast forms for a greater number of patients.

About ContourMed:

ContourMed is the United States’ premier custom breast form manufacturer. Harnessing state-of-the-art scanning technology and patented manufacturing processes, ContourMed creates the most comfortable, realistic custom breast forms available in the industry. Visit or call 877-380-8528 for more information.

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