While some people have a soft spot for bigger pets, such as cats or dogs, others prefer small animals for their petite allure. Taking care of them is also usually easier to accomplish. This doesn’t mean that being small relates to being easily ignorable in the house, as small pets are as adorable and smoothing as larger pets can be. Moreover, supplying their food is not that difficult, as there are certain products, such as Oxbow rabbit food or Oxbow guinea pig food that can provide everything your small animal requires, without you having to browse endlessly for the perfect food.

                The advantages of owning a small pet are clearly something to think about before deciding to bring home a new pet. Rabbits and guinea pigs are simple creatures that might seem unsociable at first, but with a little patience and after earning their trust, you will certainly establish a strong bond. Moreover, taking care of a small pet can be quite affordable, given the fact that food, like Oxbow rabbit food, beddings and toys come in a smaller size and therefore, at a less expensive cost. Small animals require basic maintenance, with a little time spent on cleaning, grooming and changing food and water on a regular basis. On the account of their small size, pets like guinea pigs and rabbits are perfect for small apartments, where a dog or cat would just take up too much space. While larger animals require considerable amounts of food, small herbivores require less food, but needs to contain high-quality high fiber grass hays, such as Timothy hay or oaten hay.

                There are several brands on the market that specialize in small animal food that vary in price and quality. Choosing high-quality over low price has its benefits. The advantages of a well-known brand such as Oxbow Timothy hay are evident. Firstly, this type of hay can work wonders upon your small animal’s health as it helps with wearing down its teeth preventing overgrowth. Likewise, eating hay is actually a fun experience for pets to do, as they can pull strands of food from their rack. This type of nutritional hay provides the perfect amount of fiber for your rabbit or guinea pig to reach good gut motility, given the fact that rodent animals in general need to have a digestive system that works constantly. Other health benefits associated with feeding products such as Oxbow rabbit food and Oxbow guinea pig food are that they have low calories (lower than treats for instance) and therefore, prevent obesity, which can be common in small animals.

                Appropriate bedding, like appropriate food, such as Timothy hay, is very important for a small pet’s health, and there are a few aspects owners should take into consideration in this sense. First of all, pine or cedar beddings are most likely to be avoided because of their rough texture that can cause splintering or accidentally being digested. Moreover, cedar has an unwanted chemical reaction with urine, releasing odors when in contact with ammonia. A good guinea pig or rabbit bedding is the one made with white cellulose fiber that is free from chemicals. Likewise, on the account of its light color, soiled bedding is easier to spot and therefore be removed so that the odor can be eliminated. So remember, feed your pet high-quality food like Oxbow rabbit food or Oxbow guinea pig food, this will prevent any digestive or health issue in the future.

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