19, October 2015: Those people who live in the city almost cannot go without the mobile phone. Apart from the functions of calling, answering and texting, the mobile phone user read, surf Internet, listen to music and order meal via APP of one sort or another. The trend seems unavoidable and inevitable. Considering the stark trend, Airwheel Technology got combining the electric scooter with APP. The model released in June, Airwheel A3, is able to be connect to the mobile phone via APP. The APP can be downloaded online for nothing.


On the APP, the A3 user can utilise a variety of functions. Tapping the functions of lock on APP, the user of Airwheel electric scooter A3 can lock his scooter. The locked scooter cannot move. Even if he leaves it outside with no supervision, it will not be lost or stolen. Therefore, there is no need for him to worry about theft. Tap the button once again and the user can unlock his scooter for another use.

GPS is also introduced to Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter A3. Through the built-in GPS, the user can easily locate his A3 on the electronic map on APP. If he is quite unfortunate that his scooter is carried by others and stolen, GPS can help him locate his vehicle and find it. At the same time, the APP will recommend the user the shortest route to the destination so as to save the time and shun the traffic jam.


On Airwheel A3, there is a big LED screen. The user could take an overall look at the data about the status of A3, e.g. mileage, speed, temperature, power etc. To keep track the change of data and status of A3 enables the rider to expertly steer Airwheel A3.

Through the mobile phone, the user can remotely control his scooter to ride, lock, unlock, locate etc. The whole world is in his hands.

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