(Free Press Release) Light Power Solutions LLC offers a variety of affordable, efficient energy saving solutions to help you manage your home and business energy costs; without sacrificing comfort or convenience.

Jacksonville, FL -- September 01, 2010 -- Their clients attend an exclusive, invitation only complimentary dinner seminar held in their area. At the seminar the trained specialists from Light Power Solutions LLC explain the benefits of the energy cost cutting products. Each client is treated on an individual basis, with a trained team member assessing the energy saving products that will best fit their needs and budget.

Read on for some testimonials from satisfied clients:

I wanted to let you know our feelings about the Ultra Power Shieldâ„¢, Hot Water Jacket, and Spa 2001 (Shower head). I know it has been a while since we had it installed but I wanted to see if there was proof that the products worked. Well we have the proof. There are days we hardly cut on the AC and when we come in at the end of the day it feels like the air has been on. We were planning on installing central heat and air, but there may not be a need now. I cannot believe the difference the Ultra Power Shieldâ„¢ has made. The Spa 2001 (Shower head) is great, and the pressure of the force makes us feel like we are getting a therapeutic massage. Now for the best part! Our electric bills are about 40% less than last year. We would recommend this product to everyone. In fact we have been telling everyone we see.
Phyllis & Tommy S.

In April we had the installation of the Ultra Power Shieldâ„¢. After a few days, we noticed that we did not have to change the thermostat very much. During August the bill went down about $72.00 from the same time last year.
Michael & Christi N.

Here is the 6 month savings and comfort letter you requested at our purchase of the Ultra Power Shieldâ„¢. We are very pleased! We added an additional 872 square ft, and still saved $243 from Aug 2003 to Jan 2004 compared to August 2003 - Jan 2003. It is much easier to keep the upstairs, downstairs, and newly finished garage at a more comfortable temperature! We are very pleased!
Duane & Sarah B.

In May of 2003 Larry and I had the Ultra Power Shieldâ„¢ installed in our home. I am quite pleased with the results. What I like most about the product is the fact that we've been able to open the doors throughout our house. When we built the house, we planned it so we could close off three bedrooms and the upstairs game room when our children and grand children were not visiting. When the family came home, we would turn the two extra a/c units on and open all of the doors. Now we leave all of the doors open all of the time and run the extra a/c units only a small amount of the time when we have guests. I'm so pleased.
Larry & Elinor B.

If you would like to attend a dinner seminar presentation to find out what products would help you control your energy costs and usage, please call 1 800 506 9414 to find out where the next presentation in your area will be held.

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