Webpages can now be converted with ease. Users need not copy and paste the content manually onto another file and save them. This tool the free Webpage to PDF converter does an excellent job of converting web pages to pdf file formats. The tool is so light in weight that it can be installed instantly. This freeware offers professional looking PDF files that too for free. The tool can be used by anyone who access web pages including web designers and developers. The tool although small offers a lot of features. It is smart and knows its job perfectly. The features available in this tool help in getting a professional looking pdf file with all the formatting done at the time of conversion only. Be it images, data or simply content - users can use this converter for any purpose.

The tool can convert an entire web page as well as a section of the web page as per the user needs and requirements. Users can also create headers and footers to the PDF files. They can compress the files in case the files carry huge images. This is a great way to save space and create a file with smaller file size for the purpose of sharing. There are a variety of default settings that improve the quality of the output files. However, there are certain features that users can implement to improve the quality even further. The tool is also available in various international languages apart from English.

About Free Webpage to PDF

The Free Webpage to PDF is a freeware that can convert a webpage into PDF format. The tool occupies very less space and can be installed within minutes. The tool runs on all systems that operate on Windows OS.

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