Long Island, New York; August 02, 2013: Cookie Joe Fundraising, a leader in the non-frozen cookie dough mix field, is offering no start-up costs for all new and returning customers. This gives those looking to do a cookie dough fundraiser a simple way to get started. Their cookie dough has become a popular option for fundraising opportunities, because it is all natural, does not need refrigeration, and provides a good profit margin. 

“It is easy for people to get started with us for their next successful fundraising project,” explains Mike De Luca, owner of Cookie Joe Fundraising. “We not only make it easy for people, by giving them the tools they need to succeed, but we also don’t require an up front financial investment. It just doesn’t get any easier than that to get started making money for your group.” 

Those looking for a gourmet cookie dough fundraiser to do, will find that Cookie Joe offers a large selection to choose from. They offer such flavors as triple chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, cranberry chippers, snicker doodle, sugar cookies, and chocolate Charlie’s. In addition to the cookies, they also offer double chocolate brownie mix and funnel cake, giving groups a good variety in order to increase interest and sales. 

All mixes offered by Cookie Joe Fundraising are dry, have a shelf life of one year, and just require eggs and butter to be added to the mix before baking. The mixes also offer healthier options for preparing them, and people can also use their own vegan alternatives. Not all cookie dough fundraising companies offer the same products, so it is important to inquire about which varieties each one has. 

The Cookie Joe Fundraising program has become popular among such groups as schools, churches, and sports groups, including soccer, football, band, basketball, and cheerleading. They provide a simple program that is easy to use. To help fundraising groups be successful, the company provides them with professional full-color sales brochures. They also do not require any minimum orders. 

“If you need a fundraising idea for your group now is the time to get started with our cookie dough,” adds De Luca. “We offer free delivery of the cookie dough and we have experience working with all size groups. Our program has helped many and we look forward to continuing this.” 

Cookie Joe Fundraising, which is part of Java Joe’s Fundraising, offers a lucrative fundraising program that features 23 choices gourmet-style coffee that can be customized. The company provides all types of fundraising groups with the ability to have their own private label line of coffee that they can sell in order to raise money. 

About Cookie Joe’s Fundraising: 

Cookie Joe’s Fundraising is a Long Island-based company that offers non-frozen cookie dough fundraising opportunities. The cookie dough fundraiser has become so popular because it does not focus on frozen cookie dough, making it easy for groups to sell and deliver. All types of groups in need of raising funds can use their program to do so. To learn more, visit www.CookieJoeFundraising.com . 

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