People who live in large cities and are pet owners realize the necessity of cleaning up after their dogs.  This is a necessary, but often less than desirable, duty.  For the right minded individual, this is one of a few cool business ideas .

“Cleaning dog poo is not many people’s idea of a great job opportunity, but for the right person it can be a very lucrative choice,” said Sandy McQueen of

The actual job itself is fairly straightforward.  Cleaning up messes is something many pet owners do not want to do but see it as necessary.  For those living in large apartment buildings or condominiums, this can be a great way to supplement income.

It is also a very easy advertising system.  Post a flyer with phone numbers in community areas of large buildings and wait for calls.  Taking a direct route is also a good idea.

“Speak to the building management about pets and go from there,” said McQueen.

Another venue for this job is checking in at local vet offices.  Ask if you can post a flyer about the service.  Many vets will allow that with no question.

Mostly, you will need reliable transportation and a strong stomach.

“If you have several areas around a city to cover, you will need to be able to get to them easily.  A strong stomach should go without saying,” said McQueen.

While a pet poop patrol business may not seem glamorous, it will put money in the pocket.

“Sometimes the best money smells badly because it came from hard work,” said McQueen.

Anyone interested in learning more about cool business ideas should visit to learn more about the possibilities.  More about pet waste removal is available here .

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