CopperJoint Copper Gloves Launch Concludes With Exceptional After Sales Report

CopperJoint recently conclude their new product launch promo of Copper copper compression gloves for arthritis in a successful note. Within 24 hours of the launch, the promo items almost instantly ran out of stock. The gloves have received a positive response from clients, good reviews and recommendations as well. Because of this turnout, Jon Deal, the owner and founder of CopperJoint, has declared the launch to be a huge success.

CopperJoint is an Indiana based company that has released a new product for the wrists and the hands. 2 weeks ago, the company started to introduce their new products for 2016, first was the wrist sleeves. This week, they introduced the compression gloves for people with problems like arthritic hands, bursitis, tendonitis, cts, and other hand problems. CopperJoint is the leading provider of compression sleeves on Amazon. They continue after sales support by providing free reports and blogs to help their loyal customers manage their joint pain and muscle pain.

Jon Deal said, “After the successful release of the wrist sleeves, I deem it necessary to release the fingerless gloves a week after. This is to help our clientele choose which compression sleeve for the hand they would prefer. The wrist sleeve and the fingerless gloves target almost the same area but not quite the same area, if you know what I mean. The gloves are better products for the hands and fingers while the wrist sleeves are definitely better for the wrists. Shoppers can choose which hand compression they would prefer.”

The fingerless gloves are still available only through Amazon. Its launch discount promo ended and it is now available for purchase at its regular price.

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