CopperJoint Offers Special Discount for Newly Released Compression Socks

CopperJoint has just released the last of its new products for the year: the knee high compression socks. The owner and co-founder Jon Deal accompanies the launch with a discount. Shoppers can only get the launch discount through Amazon and for a limited time offer only.

The new compression socks are designed for individuals who are active runners, crossfit trainers, and individuals who have leg conditions like shin splints. The socks are different from ordinary socks available in the market as they are premium medical grade which means it can be worn also by people who do a lot of walking, standing up like nurses, waiters, security guards, flight attendants and other professions. The socks can also be used by pregnant women who experience strain on their legs because of weight bearing.

Jon Deal has scheduled the release of this new product with a discounted price to celebrate the success of the company but most importantly to give back to the people who have continuously supported the products they have been selling through Amazon. He further said, “There are a lot of Americans who are troubled by different types of ailments. Although we do not cure such ailments, we help people better manage their pain by providing compression garments. We have recently released 3 new products this quarter alone and the support socks is the last new product for release this year.”

CopperJoint has already produced several compression garments available in the market.  It has made a name for itself as the number 1 provider of compression knee sleeves in Amazon. As the company continues to grow, it continues to invent new ways to respond to customer needs.

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