CopperJoint Releases New Copper Compression Gloves on Amazon to Relieve Hand Arthritis Pain

CopperJoint, the leading provider of knee compression sleeves in Amazon announces the release of another new compression product for the hand: the CopperJoint arthritis gloves .The gloves are specifically designed for individuals who have arthritic hands. The sleeves are manufactured by CopperJoint to help individuals live a better quality of life.

Arthritis is a common condition in most Americans who reach the age of 40. According to statistics tens of thousands of Americans suffer from different hand problems due to injuries, arthritis, tendinitis and bursitis and other conditions. Certain activities also make hands feel stiff and tired. Constant typing on the keyboard and other activities that involve the constant movement of the hand can stiffen it and make it feel tired. The compression on the hand helps ease the pain by allowing more blood flow not just in your wrist but also in your hands.

Jon Deal, founder and CEO of CopperJoint said “Our fingerless gloves are not just designed to help people with arthritic hand but also for active the active athletes who use their hands in sports like bowling, golf, baseball, tennis and a whole lot more sports. The gloves give ample compression on the hand, not restricting it too much but giving that comfortable but tight fit. These compression gloves act as a support but not as a brace for restricting hand movement.”

The newly launched product comes in 4 different sizes for both the left and the right hand. The gloves aim to give your hand more flexibility. The copper infusion on the material wicks away sweat and is odor resistant for maximum comfort and usability.

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