Orlando, Florida — Individuals taking statins may significantly benefit from taking a CoQ10 supplement as it may replenish their Coenzyme Q10 levels.

The importance of having sufficient levels of Coenzyme Q10 cannot be overstated as the substance is vital for cellular energy production. Without it, the mitochondria, which are the powerhouses of cells, are not able to create energy for cells. The substance is vitamin-like, but what makes it different from vitamins is that it is naturally synthesized in the body. It is found in higher concentrations in organs that require high energy levels such as the heart. As such, it may promote healthy cardiovascular health. It is also an antioxidant, protecting the cell membrane from damage caused by free radicals.

Although the body is able to produce sufficient levels of Coenzyme Q10 under normal circumstances, there are certain factors that cause its levels to deplete. Individuals taking statins are some of the groups of people that are prone to developing deficiency of the substance. Statins are drugs used to lower cholesterol levels, but they have been found to contribute to the depletion of the levels of the substance. These individuals may be able to replenish their Coenzyme Q10 levels by taking a CoQ10 supplement, though. One such supplement is Choice Nutrition Supplements CoQ10 200 mg. Manufactured exclusively in the United States in an FDA inspected and GMP certified facility, it is guaranteed safe and of high quality.

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