Remodelling kitchen can be complicated as you need to keep a lot of things in mind. While aesthetics play a role, you have to consider other factors like functionality and durability as well. Deciding on where the worktop and the cabinets would be placed can lead to creating a cosy place for the family to gather every day to grab a bite. Coming to kitchen counters, you can experiment and improvise on how the countertop will look as there are plenty of options to choose from. Apart from the conventional granite, stainless steel or wood, you get wonderful options like Corian worktops and Silestone worktops which look great and score high on practicality.

Maintenance should be a guiding factor while choosing kitchen worktops. This becomes more pertinent when you have children at home. Choosing materials like glass or steel, which catch scratches easily, would not be ideal. Solid surface worktops, made from synthetic material, are easy to clean and are far more durable than other alternatives. Silestone worktops, for example, are made from quartz with a certain percentage of polymer resin added in. Silestone can be mistaken for granite as visual similarities are quite high. It is scratch resistant, impact resistance and does not catch stains. You can also choose Corian worktops which are trusted by architects, builders and interior designers.

Corian has been developed by Dupont. It prevents dust from settling on the surface which is the advantage of solid surface materials. Being non-porous, Corian worktops do not take stains and are not damaged by impact. If you are fond of cooking and spend considerable time in the kitchen, Corian is a good choice for you. You can safely keep heated pots and pans from the flame onto the worktops without leaving burn marks on the surface. Made from plastic and acrylic, this worktop is easy to repair in case of damage. Like Silestone worktops, it comes in different pattern and colours.

Just like solid surfaces, Silestone worktops have a non-porous surface and apart from being stain resistant, these are acid resistant too. So, you can safely slice lemons on the countertops without worrying about leaving marks. Since quartz is a hard material, it lends durability to the countertop. In fact, its impact resistance is higher than that of granite, so heavy handling of kitchen utensils will not create any nicks and chips on the surface. Both Silestone and Corian worktops do not allow growth of bacterial, mould or mildew making them a safe option for kitchen or bathroom.

Look for efficient and reliable firms for worktop installation. Share your preferences when they visit you for site review, and your wishes would be considered while drawing up the design. Once you give the nod, they will start working on your project. Replacing countertops can be a messy affair, but the professionals take care to clean up the place post work leaving behind a clean and sparkling workspace. If you have home renovation in mind, give these people a call. They can help you in deciding on the colour or pattern of Corian worktops or Silestone worktops that you choose for your home.

When thinking of replacing your kitchen countertop, select alternative options like Corian worktops ( ) or Silestone worktops ( ) that are durable and impact resistant.